Condoms: A Guide to Making the Right Choice

by Jackie Wolfe on December 12, 2014

Have you ever tried to buy condoms at a drugstore? Your first time buying condoms, or any time for that matter, can be an extremely embarrassing experience. The selection is overwhelming. There are about 100 different styles and types. Not to mention if the drugstore has one of those locked cases to house their condoms. You might as well walk in with a condom costume on, yelling I’m going to have sex tonight. That’s why there are few products that make more sense to buy on the internet than condoms.

There are a two questions that you must ask yourself before buying condoms. Everything else is preference and will be worked out through your sexual lifetime. First, do I have a latex allergy? Don’t panic if so, there are non-latex condoms made for this exact circumstance. Trojan Naturalamb Condoms, Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel Non-Latex Condoms, Lifestyles Skyn Non-Latex Condoms are a few to consider. Your condom options are limitless if you do not have a latex allergy.

The second question, which can make or break your night, is what size to buy. Buy Magnum Condoms when you should have purchased Snugger Fit and you’ll have a horribly embarrassing experience. Buy a Snugger Fit Condoms when you should be wearing Magnum XL and you’ll be like an adult in a child’s turtleneck. Jokes aside, buying a condom that is too big or small can greatly increase the chances of some sort of malfunction. The main focus here should be on penis circumference. The best way to measure penis circumference is to use a string or paper ruler. In general, a penis circumference of 4.3 inches or less would want to lean towards one of our snugger condoms. A man with a penis circumference of 5.3 inches and above would need to start thinking about buying large condoms. Condom lengths don’t vary a ton, so girth is really the most important part of buying the correct size condoms.

As I mentioned, these are the two most important questions to buying condoms. Everything else is based on preference. You’ll eventually want to start experimenting with textured condoms, flavored condoms or warming condoms. You may want to start experimenting with lubricants and, which may lead you to choose non-lubricated condoms. Again, these are all preferences, which can easily be worked out through buying variety packs of condoms.

To review, below are the steps for buying condoms.

  1. Figure out if you have a latex allergy.
  2. Determine your penis circumference to find the correct size.
  3. Decide your preferences. This is best done by buying a variety pack of condoms.
  4. Save the embarrassment, buy condoms online.  Undercover Condoms does everything with your privacy in mind. Your package will be shipped in plain packaging with the company name PCPD, LLC as the return name. We are very conscious of your privacy when purchasing condoms.


Undercover Now Carries Sustain Condoms!

by Jackie Wolfe on December 3, 2014

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Undercover Condoms is excited to announce we now carry Sustain Condoms, the revolutionary sustainable and responsible condoms! Sustain Condoms are truly the first of their kind, with a focus on not only responsible business practices but so much more- starting a conversation, improving the world around us and inspiring others to do the same.

Sustain Condoms use exclusively Fair Trade natural rubber latex, cultivated in sustainable rubber tree plantations in India. They go beyond banning child labor and paying reasonable wages. This plantation actually provides education and healthcare to the entire community.

Sustain Condoms are free of nitrosamine, a carcinogen found in other latex condoms, as well as all other harsh chemicals. They are vegan, non-GMO and not tested on animals. Additionally, 10% of Sustain’s pretax profits are donated to women who lack access to basic health care and reproductive health services.

Sustain Condoms come in three varieties: Lubricated Ultra Thin Condoms, Lubricated Tailored Fit Condoms and Lubricated Comfort Fit Condoms.

Sustain Condoms are more than just a condom– they are setting an example for how a responsible business should operate in today’s world.


Lifestyles Condoms Sale This Week Only!

by Jackie Wolfe on November 18, 2014



Lifestyles brand has one mission: Better Condoms, Better Sex. This week only, you can save 10% on all Lifestyles Condoms at Undercover! Shop now to save and discover why people call Lifestyles SKYN Non-Latex Condoms a game-changer in the world of protection. Sale ends at Midnight ET on November 21, 2014.


Trojan Condoms Sale!

by Jackie Wolfe on October 7, 2014



Undercover Condoms’ Trojan Sale is going on this week only! Enjoy 10% off all Trojan brand products through October 10, 2014. Trojan Condoms have been trusted for over 90 years and are America’s #1 condom choice! Shop now to save.


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National Condom Week

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