What Is KY Jelly and How To Use It

What Is KY Jelly and How To Use It

by admin on October 13, 2010

KY Jelly is a mysterious product to some but a few simple answers to these questions can open your world to many new possibilities. Let’s answer them for you:

What is KY Jelly Used For?

KY Jelly is one of the most popular brands of personal lubricants on the market. Manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, K Y Jelly has been around for generations and is known as one of the most trusted brands of lubes on the market. KY Jelly makes many different kinds of lubricants that are commonly used during sex.

How do you use KY Jelly?

As discussed, KY Jelly makes many different kinds of lubricants that can be used in a variety of ways. The original formula is water-based, and safe for use with condoms and other safe sex items. For the original (see picture below), you’ll want to apply KY Jelly by squeezing the lube on the genitals making sure to cover the area being sure to spread the jelly over the penis (or condom) and opening of the vagina. Do not use too much lubrication as it may cause slippage of the condom.

KY Jelly Personal Lubricant

How to use other KY products like KY Intense, KY Yours and Mine, and KY Kissable?

KY has many different kinds of lubricants and other products. The three most bought, outside of the original formula, are the KY Intense, KY Yours and Mine, and the KY Kissable. Each are used in different ways. Here’s how:

KY Intense isn’t your standard personal lubricant. It’s been designed to increase female arousal during intercourse. Intense is easy to use by gently massaging a small drop on to the clitoris during foreplay. Additional drops can be added to increase the intensity as desired.

KY Intense

KY Yours and Mine is another hot item right now. Yours and Mine contains two different kinds of lubricants. A Hers lubricant, in purple, is applied to the female as you would the KY Intense lube. The His lubricant, in blue, is applied to the penis or condom as discussed with the original formula above. The cooling and warming contrast of each lubricant makes for a more exciting time.

KY Yours and Mine

KY Kissable isn’t a personal lubricant and should not be used like a lube during foreplay or intercourse. Kissable should be used like a flavored massage lotion. It comes with a chocolate flavor for her and a strawberry flavored massage lotion for him. Add a few drops of the Kissable lubes on your partner wherever you like, including intimate areas, and enjoy the taste of foreplay together.

KY Kissable

Can KY Jelly Cause Irritation and is it safe?

KY Jelly can cause irritation in some individuals. Every person is different so whether it can cause irritation for you is hard to say. Getting a sample size bottle and experimenting with KY for the first time is a good idea. KY Jelly is water-based and safe but if irritation or allergic reactions occur, discontinue use and contact a physician.

Exploring your desires with KY Jelly personal lubricants can make a good night, great so give KY a try at Undercover Condoms today.

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Stephanie August 26, 2014 at 11:25 pm

so me and my boyfriend decided to give the “yours and mine” lubricants a try but neither of us felt any kind of sensation. is there some kind of trick? we didn’t use a lot, or do we need to wait a minute for them to activate so to speak?

Sandipan Rakshit October 5, 2014 at 6:18 am

I) May I use KY Jelly outside of condom or may I use outside of cock?
II) May I use KY Jelly in vagina?

Dany October 10, 2014 at 5:46 am

Can KY lubricant increase the timing? I mean does it give longer lasting sex?

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