#RelationshipKillers On Twitter – Funny Relationship Tweets

#RelationshipKillers On Twitter

by admin on June 28, 2011

I love Twitter. I could spend all day reading craziness on search.twitter.com. You put a hashtag in front of anything, and you can find it on there. Recently, #RelationshipKillers was a trending topic. You could spend days at a time reading all of the hilarious comments people have made using hashtags. Trust me…it’s worth it. We’ll save you some time and you could read the best 15 which we’ve put together below. Check them out, then share yours in the comments.


Finding out your girls hairs fake and she sleeps with a plastic bag on her head. —@mstara1982

[When she says] ‘I can’t wait for you to meet my cats.’ — @DanTheBrush

No car. No job. This isn’t the land of make believe, you can’t date me with just your hopes & dreams. —@nijahnelson

The first time a girl complains about me sleeping in my batman costume. sorry babe. out ya go. —@GarretAllen

Food. if you can’t accept that I love it more than you, there is the door. But first pick up my McDonalds. McBye. —@HeleneG93

Farting under the duvet while in deep sleep, especially if my head is under it too. —@pinkmuphin

Lousy style. Even the best-dressed men shouldn’t have better fashion sense than their women. —@adamcbest

If you have a flip phone #relationshipkillers I just can’t bee seen with you! —@Brian_Bee

She white, he black, & her parents are rednecks…so they stay lookin at him like >:/ —@wes_bee

Yall been dating for 3 months, but she still aint accept your fb friend request. —@APtheKid


She pronounces the “L” in Salmon. –@DiBiaseATL

Not putting a new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom when u used the last. —@DNELSONL25

Being drunk in Sponge Bob undershorts……. —@Ruth_A_Buzzi

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